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Life as an SEO Strategist


Career in SEO

Ever wondered what it's like working in the SEO industry? We've asked Andrew Isidoro, experienced SEO Strategist, to break it down. 

My name is Andrew Isidoro, I work as a SEO Strategist for Box UK, a web and software development consultancy. I've worked in digital marketing for about 3 years, since I graduated back in 2010 with a BA in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Worcester. Little did I know back then that I would have fallen into digital marketing, let alone SEO. In fact, I graduated with only a very basic knowledge of search engine optimisation and which was due to my own general desire to learn new things.

Now three years on (and a lot of hard work later), I am working in a top digital agency that has clients such as the BBC, S4C, EDF Energy and The National Gallery helping to start up their new digital marketing department.

My day starts at 9am when I get to my desk and leave the stress of the morning traffic behind. I work through my list of emails as fast as possible so that I am ready for the morning 'scrum' meetings. Scrums are short, stand up meetings where we each talk about what progress we've made on any projects and what we aim to achieve that day. Then it’s back to my desk so I can begin doing what I do best - SEO. 

In my career I've worked in a number of different roles from an in-house social media manager to an agency side SEO consultant helping organisations, big and small, to do more business online. My favourite part of the job though is always the same. I love how everyday is completely different. On a typical day I might be checking a clients website for technical issues, planning a new outreach campaign or writing a new piece of content for the Box UK blog, and that is all before lunch.

Lunch time is probably the only constituent part of my role. I've managed to establish a daily routine that consists of a trip to Taste for one of their Cwmbran Banger sandwiches. (It’s sad but I think I may now be addicted to these).

After lunch I get straight to back work apart from our bi-weekly agile planning meeting to structure the workload for the next fortnight. This is a crucial aspect of the role. With my workload being so varied with countless projects and task to complete our bi-weekly meetings helps us keep our task lists focused and saving us a lot of time throughout the week.

With my task list updated and prioritised it’s back to the computer for an afternoon that usually consists of link building, guest blogging and creating client reports using analytics data .

My working day tends to end at about 5:30 but the life of a SEO strategist doesn't end there. Probably the most challenging part of my job is keeping up with the amount of changes and updates within the industry. For instance, Google makes around 500-600 changes to their algorithm each year and it is my job understand how each of them effects what I do. My evenings often consist of a little “light” reading from SEO blogs, search engine patents and even tactics from other disciplines such as web development, public relations and user experience that I can try out within SEO campaigns.

Like a lot of other digital marketers and SEO strategist I run own digital marketing blog so that I can write down any ideas that I have, test my own theories out on in a safe environment and develop my skills. On top of all this there are professional accreditations to study for, and maybe even a MA in Digital Marketing.

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